The Complete Aklan Adventure
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The Complete Aklan Adventure Travel Guide

Welcome to Aklan “Home of Boracay and Ati-atihan Festival”

(population: 81,598 to 95,984 as of 2015)

Local Language: Aklanon

Welcome to Aklan “Home of Boracay and Ati-atihan Festival”

(population: 81,598 to 95,984 as of 2015)

Local Language: Aklanon

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Aklan is a province situated in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. It is composed of 327 Barangays grouped into 17 Municipalities of which the Capital Town is Kalibo.

Aklan is the country’s oldest province, established early in the 13th century. This destination of scenic wonders with waterfalls, beaches of powdery white sand, and a mangrove forest is alive with outdoor adventures. Meanwhile, inside its towns are cultural treasures to explore. 

Local Language and Culture

Aklanon is the language spoken in this province which is a language of the Bisayan subgroup however not to worry as most of the population in this province speaks and understands English and Tagalog. Striking a conversation and sharing some laughs with the locals in this province won’t be a problem as the locals here are known for being humble, friendly, and most cheerful people which Filipinos are recognized for.

This province is famous for the immaculate exquisiteness that nature has to offer. It’s a remarkable place in the Philippines that has made a mark on the world map when it comes to luring in tourists, beach lovers, and adventure seekers. This province is known for Boracay, an island that can be found approximately one kilometer away from the north-western tip of the province and is considered among the best beaches well known globally for its white powdery sand, sapphire waters, amazing coral reefs, and exceptional seashells. Besides the white sand, the island of Boracay is well known for its fun and exciting nightlife. 

Best Time to Go to Aklan


When planning to go to Aklan, it is important to consider the season. Aklan, like the other parts of the Philippines, experiences two seasons, the wet season and the dry season however the temperatures in Aklan vary very little.

The ideal time to visit this province is between the dry and wet seasons, which is usually in October to December where you’ll still enjoy the nice weather as well as beat the crowds and rate increases before the holiday season.

January through May is considered as the busiest months or the peak season as the humidity and temperatures combine to make this season feel warm which is great when getting a tan and getting sun-kissed however this also means rate increases and crowded places.

June through September is seen to be the most with the most rainfall thus this is considered as the slowest season for tourism in this province.


Aklan like other tourist spots in the Philippines is considered a safe place to travel. However, there are always safety tips that you need to consider when enjoying this province.

Since Aklan is well known for its beaches, always be careful and cautious of the high tide when swimming and when climbing the grotto.

Also remember that there are no lifeguards on call in most beaches and since the island of Boracay is very close to the equator, the sun burns not only quickly, but can be very hot during the early afternoon hours 

Local Festivals

Beautiful festivities begin with thankfulness and prosperity. Celebrations among different cities, municipalities, and provinces occurring everywhere in the Philippines. One town/city has its own festival to celebrate their town’s patron saints and bountifulness.

Ati-atihan Festival

A festival in Aklan is held every third week of January. The term ati-atihan is said to mean “to imitate or make like Ati’s” Ati being the local name of the Aeta people, who are also the first settlers of Panay Island in Aklan. Similar to Cebu’s Sinulog Festival, and Iloilo’s Dinagyang Festival this event is celebrated to honor the Child Jesus, Santo Niño. The Ati-atihan festival is known as the Mother of all festivals in the Philippines. It consists of many varieties of events and activities such as the Aklan Festival Parade, Higante Contest, religious processions, loud marching bands, street parades, and the key major activity being the native dance competitions of different participating tribes with their full gear and their primitive drum beat and lastly, partying on the streets. One of the traditions in celebration of the Ati-atihan festival is also the smearing of Soot to darken their face and body and to dress up in tribal finery in honor of the Aetas.


Aklan Piña and Fiber Festival

An annual week-long celebration starting on the 25th of April which is considered as one of the major events that will highlight the series of activities celebrating the Aklan Day Anniversary. This festival showcases different products like gifts, housewares and furnishings, processed food and pasalubong products and craftsmanship using indigeous materials such as pina fiber, abaca and many more from various municipalities and industries in Aklan. This festival is held in hopes to establish Aklan as the Handloom tourist destination of the country it helps promote and preserve the loom-weaving industry of Aklan.


Kalibo Food Festival

An event in Aklan celebrated from June 12 to the 23rd in commemoration of the Feast of St. John The Baptist. Under just one venue or location, a variety of signature dishes and foods traditional and modern are served for the guests and alongside a live music band that plays great music for the purpose of entertainment.


Feast of St. John The Baptist

Celebrated on the 24th of June every year. This festival is celebrated with the people of Aklan going to the beach for picnics and swimming. Different sports activities are also held, examples being boat racing and parlor games in celebration of the Feast of St. John The Baptist.


Kalibo Day

Annually held every November 3, activities like commemorative programs and night markets are present at the Magsaysay Park in remembrance of Kalibos Foundation Day.


Iwag It Kalibonhon

Annually held as early as December 15, this festival usually starts with a lighting ceremony of the giant Christmas tree in Kalibo, Aklan that happens on December 1 that marks the festive holiday tradition. During this festival, trees around the park are also adorned with multi-colored lights, decorations, and lanterns with local choral groups singing traditional carols and a fireworks show of Mabuhay Maritime Express and Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles as the grand finale which symbolizes a peaceful and simply bright world for all of mankind with the intention of getting people to go out and to be able to celebrate the Christmas spirit.

How To Get to Aklan

Since Aklan is famous because of Boracay, you can reach it fairly easily by 2 airports, continuous bus & van schedules, and regular ferries schedules.  Read on to check each option and decide which is the best one for you. 

By Air

There are daily direct flights being offered by Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, and Philippine Airlines from Manila and Cebu that would take you directly to Caticlan and Kalibo (closest airport to Boracay and it’s within Aklan) and Roxas and Ilo-ilo City (airport within the island). If your plan is to visit Boracay then we suggest taking the flight directly to Boracay (Caticlan) as this would save you time and is more convenient but would be often an expensive option.

Saying this, if the fares to Caticlan are expensive, an alternate option is to take the Kalibo route. This is the route locals take so rates are more stable and affordable throughout the year. This route will take longer as you need an additional van ride to Caticlan. 


By Ferry or Boat

Ferry via Batangas port is also an option if you would like to save money on flights, not in a hurry, and also save accommodation for one night since this combined ferry and bus ride takes about 13.5 hours and you can opt to travel most of the distance at night.

Starlite Ferries and 2Go Travel are some of the ferry operators you can find in Batangas port.

By Bus or Vans

There is a daily schedule of busses and vans to Aklan or Boracay via Caticlan from Ilo-ilo City and Roxas. 

Buses and vans from Iloilo to Caticlan start their trip as early as 5 AM and even before that on weekends. It will take around 3-5 hours of travel.

From Ilo-ilo airport, you ride a taxi to Tagbac Terminal in Jaro. You could also charter a van from the airport to the Tagbac terminal or even to Caticlan but we advise that you don’t take this offer since it is very expensive from the airport. In the Tagbac terminal, there are vans and Ceres bus traveling to Caticlan. 

If you are travelling during day time, we recommend that you to take the “non-stop” bus to Caticlan even if you travel in a big group because it is more convenient as it has more legroom and a portable toilet on the bus. There’s just a small difference in the fare. 

Past the bus schedule, the vans still operate. I remembered travelling during night time going to Iloilo City.

How to get to Boracay

  • From the airport, you’ll need to head to Caticlan Jetty Port to catch a local boat to Boracay where you’ll have the option to choose a pump boat or the bigger but pricier Oyster Ferry.
  • You can go to the port by tricycle or you can opt for the more expensive van transfer. Both transport modes are available from the airport which will take you about 15mins to get to the port.

Getting Around Aklan

From Airport to Your Hotel

Airport transfers are readily available and are usually the best option that will give you a safe and comfortable ride from the airport to your hotel. Car rentals and tricycles are also available at the airport that will take you to your destination.


Renting a private car in Kalibo is an option if you’d like to travel at your own pace rather than forking out money on rideshares or figuring out which bus route you’ll need to take.

Car rental companies or car rental offices are available at Kalibo airport, as well as, at some of the Kalibo hotels which can fetch you from Kalibo Airport so you can start your adventure as soon as you land.

Bus / Van

Bus rentals are also an excellent choice if you're traveling in Aklan with a group of people. It will give you convenience and privacy since these busses are only for you and your group.

There are quite a few bus rental companies in this province that you can choose from and all you need to do is call and make arrangements to have one before your trip.


Tricycles or Motor Trike Taxis are tiny taxi/tricycle crossbreeds and are the most popular form of transportation in Aklan, both with the locals and with travelers. You can rent one anywhere in the city at a cheap price and they can take you anywhere that you’d like to go to. It’s also an advantage that they’re small which can take you to interesting tourist areas that cars can’t reach.

In this province, it is guaranteed that you’ll take at least one ride on one of these (public shared ones) as they can cater to near and far areas.

At Cagban Port (or Tambisaan in Low Season), these trikes or open minivans are one of your options that will take you to your destination.

Sharing a trike with other people heading the same area is possible if you’ve packed light and will save you some fare however it is more likely that you will be required to hire the trike at their “special” rate if you’d like just you and your companion to be together. Prices for a special trip starts from 100php depending on where your destination is.


Renting a motorcycle can also be an option for travelling in this province. It is also popular if you’d like to explore on your own and sometimes can be availed through your accommodation or around the area. There are also some motorcycles that are arranged for habal habal (motorbike taxis) which you can rent for a day or in tourist towns for guests to explore the local area. When travelling on the island of Boracay, it is also recommended that you have your own vehicle to tour around the island as some areas are too small for tricycles to enter.

Adventures You Can Do in Aklan

Tulubhan BeachAklanNot Available
Lambingan BeachAklanNot Available
Jawili BeachAklan10 PHP Entrance Fee
White Beach BoracayAklan

75 PHP Environmental  Fee

100 PHP Terminal fee

Balinghai Beach ResortMalay1672 PHP per person per night
Banyugan BeachAklanNot Available
Aroma BeachAklan50 PHP Entrance Fee
Punta Bunga BeachAklan500 PHP Entrance Fee
Ilig-iligan Beach AklanNo entrance fee
Devora BeachAklan50 PHP Entrance Fee
Lugutan Beach AklanNot Available
Wasak-wasak Beach Aklan10 PHP Entrance Fee
Bulabog Beach Aklan75 PHP Environmental Fee
Hinugtan Beach ResortBuruangaNo entrance fee
Solteo Beach Resort KaliboNot Available
Puka Shell Beach  MalayNo entrance fee
Tambisaan Beach MalayNo entrance fee
Cagban Beach MalayNo entrance fee
Baybay Beach TangalanNo entrance fee
Where Location Fee
Bakhawan Ecopark Kalibo 150 PHP Adult and 50 PHP Kids 
Pastrana Park Kalibo Not Available
Manduyog Hill Banga Not Available
Osman, Malinao Aklan Not Available
Where Location Fee
Jawili Falls Tangalan, Aklan 10 PHP entrance fee
Waterfalls Malay Panay Malay, Aklan No entrance fee
Mangayaw Falls Libacao, Aklan No entrance fee
Where Location Fee
Magic Island Boracay Aklan 150 PHP
Ariel’s Point Batason 2000 PHP package with drinks and food
Calypso Beach And Dive Resort Aklan Depending on the room of choice + additional charges
Fisheye Divers Aklan 1500 PHP
Eclipse Dive Center Boracay Aklan Not Available
Boracay New Wave Divers Aklan Starting at 3500 PHP
Bugtong Bato Tibia 50 PHP Barangay Entrance Fee
Free Willy Diving Boracay Aklan Not Available
Nasuraan Falls Libacao10 PHP Entrance Fee
Where Location Fee
Boracay Sea World Dive Center Malay Not Available
Calypso Beach And Dive Resort Kalibo Depending on the room of choice + additional charges
Boracay New Wave Divers Malay Starting at 3500 PHP
Watercolors Boracay Dive Resort Malay Price ranges from 1900 PHP +additional charges
Fisheye Divers Malay 1500 PHP
Bakhawan Ecopark Aklan

150 php for Adult Entrance Fee

50 PHP for Kids Entrance Fee

400 PHP- 500 PHP  per hour

Hangout Beach ResortAklan400 PHP- 500 PHP  per hour
Boracay Island Aklan400 PHP- 500 PHP  per hour
Where Location Fee
Tigayon Hill Aklan No Entrance Fee
Manduyog Hill Aklan Not Available
Mount Madiac  Aklan Not Available
Waterfalls Malay Panay Malay Not Available
Bakhawan Ecopark Aklan 150 PHP for Adults and 50 PHP for Kids
Jawili Falls Tangalan 10 PHP Entrance Fee
Mangayaw Falls Libacao No Entrance Fee
Museo It Akean Aklan 20 PHP Entrance Fee
Liktinon White Rocks Madalag No Entrance Fee
Motag Living Museum Aklan 700 PHP Entrance Fee
Afga Wave Rock Formation Tangalan Not Available
Kalantiaw Shrine Batan Not Available
Tambisaan Beach Malay No Entrance Fee
St. John Nepomucene Parish Church Tangalan Not Available
Simbahan Cave Antique 50 PHP Entrance Fee
Mt. Balinsasayaw Antique No Entrance Fee
Malumpati Cold Spring Antique 500 PHP for adult and 200 PHP for kids
Mount Luho Aklan 150 PHP Entrance Fee
Mount Nangtud Antique No Entrance Fee
Where Location Fee
Boracay Island Bulabog Beach Area ~2800 PHP per hour private lessons
Where Location Fee
Boracay Island Bulabog Beach Area 3000 PHP per person
Where Location Fee
Boracay Island Aklan 3500 PHP / 2 person for 30 minutes 4200 PHP for 1 hour
Where Location Fee
Boracay Island Aklan can’t find active rappelling operators at the moment
Where Location Fee
Boracay Island Boracay, Aklan Free to snorkel
Watercolors Boracay Dive Resort Boracay, Aklan Price ranges from 2000 PHP +additional charges
Calypso Beach And Dive Resort Boracay, Aklan Depending on the room of choice + additional charges
Fisheye Divers Boracay, Aklan Starts at 1500 PHP
Eclipse Dive Center Boracay Boracay, Aklan Not Available
Boracay New Wave Divers Boracay, Aklan Starts at 3500 PHP
Where Location Fee
Tigayon Hill and Cave Kalibo, Aklan No entrance fee
Sapsapon Cave Buruanga, Aklan 2,500 PHP per head (inclusive of Hacienda Maria tour)
Bat Caves Malay, Aklan 100 PHP entrance fee
Pangihan Cave Malay, Aklan 50 PHP entrance fee  250 PHP guide fee
Where Location Fee
Reef RidersWindsurfing, Kitesurfing and SUP School Bulabog, Boracay SUP only starts at 1000 PHP SUP with river tour starts with 4500 PHP
Funboard Center Boracay Bulabog, Boracay Not Available
Where Location Fee
Malumpati Cold Spring Antique 500 PHP for the adults  200 PHP for the kid entrance fee
Hurum-hurum Cold Spring Nabas, Aklan 20 PHP entrance fee
Fern Valley Cold Spring Resort Laserna, Nabas, Aklan 50 PHP for an adult’sentrance fee 20 PHP for a kid’s entrance fee 40 PHP for a senior citizen entrance fee
Basang Cold Spring Resort Nabas, Aklan 40 PHP entrance fee
Where Location Fee
Boracay Island Boracay Island, Aklan Starts from 4500 PHP + Instructor fee of 500 PHP
Where Location Fee
Boracay Island Boracay Island, Aklan Starts from 2400 PHP
Where Location Fee
Bakhawan Ecopark Kalibo, Aklan 150 PHP for  Adult’s Entrance fee 50 for  Kids Entrance Fee
Pastrana Park Kalibo, Aklan Not Available 

Other Things To Do When in Aklan

Known as the top producer of piña fabric in the Philippines, you can see for yourself how the locals patiently weave piña fiber at the Piña Village in Barangay Buswang.

A secluded lodging resort built into cliffs facing a private cove by the northern part of Boracay Island back in the 80’s which are inaccessible to tourists from White Beach.

How to get there: Just the usual route to Boracay Island, and then take a tricycle to Baling Hai or you can also sail there.

Budget: P3,000 to P5,000 fit for 2-3 people

Also known as the “Sunken Forest,” this attraction is caused by an event when a dam nearby broke, causing saltwater to flow, killing all the mangroves surrounding the area and they are commemorated by a collection of eerie stumps sticking out of the still water.

Location: Near Bulabog Beach

3 coves that you can explore, each holding different rock formations brought by the earth’s natural elements.

How to get there: Ride a Bangka/boat for 20 minutes from the North-eastern part of Boracay Island.

Caves full of inhabiting fruit bats, some with wing spans longer than your arms!

How to get there: From Boracay Island, go to any jetty port and ask to be taken to the Bat Caves near Ilig-Iligan Beach. There are other bat caves by Punta Buga Beach and Baling-Hai, but this one is the most accessible.

Budget: P50 to P100

Boracay Island’s quieter sister. Carabao Island is a secret escape that has some of the bluest and calmest waters in the nearby province of Romblon. 

How to get there: At Caticlan Airport, ride a tricycle to take you to the port going to Hambil (San Jose) Hambil is what the locals call the island. The boats leave 8:30 AM daily, and usually have just one trip per day. The passenger boat back to Caticlan leaves at 5:30 PM.

Insider Tip: In this island, electricity runs from 1:00 PM to 11PM, and 4AM to 6AM only. You can rent a motorbike for around P200-300 per hour if you want to explore the island

A hidden cold spring in Aklan’s main province. The main pool in this spring is a basin which directly catches the cascading waters from a spring, flowing from the mountain.

How to get there: There are 4 cold spring resorts at Nabas but this spring is one of the firsts. From Caticlan, take the Ceres bus bound for Iloilo which will pass through Nabas. You need to get off at the crossing before Nabas itself and you can ask the conductor to drop you off at the highway crossing to Hurom Hurom, then from there, take a tricycle all the way to the cold springs.

Known as a smaller White Beach. This island is quieter but also offers the same blue waters and white sand. 

How to get there: Take a 15-minute walk through a semi-hidden Cliffside trail, which is close to Station 1. You can pay for a special tricycle ride from D’Mall in Station 2.

This cultural hub is a must visit as it holds festivals and events that are sure to make a mark in the province.

How to get there: From Boracay Island, you can take the Aklan West Road/Western Nautical Highway until you reach Ibajay.

Needless to say, this is Josh’s favourite activity. Party like a local on Boracay’s notorious pub crawl, with a professional photographer on hand to record all that transpires. Hit pubs, beach bars, and pumping clubs, with free entry to all and a whopping 10 shots to get the party started. Bring home your very own T-shirt as a souvenir of an epic night.

Pubcrawl route:  Exit Bar → White Beach → Club Paraw → Club Galaxy → Globy Traveling Chef

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Eat Your Way Around Aklan

Local Foods and Delicacies

You can find both local and international cuisine in Boracay since it is the most famous tourist destination in the country.  From “tuyo” to “budol fight” to English breakfast, it’s all available here. There are a lot of interesting local delicacies Aklan has to offer. This is my favorite part. Kaon Eon Kita!

Must Try Foods in Boracay Island

Best Neighborhood to Stay When in Aklan

Day Trips from Aklan

Books to Read

Contributions of the Aklan Mind to Philippine Literature

This is a good book to read to understand more of the influence of Akyanons on the country’s literature. This is written by Author: Beato A. de la Cruz in 1958.

Final Thoughts

The Province of Aklan has become famous for the immaculate exquisiteness that nature has imparted to it and its people, a remarkable place in the Philippines that has made a clear-cut mark on the world map when it comes to luring in tourists. Every municipality boasts of their different attractions, festivals, and even delicacies and products unique only to their town. 

It is one of the country’s priciest possession recognized in the whole world. Enjoy a vacation of cultural, historical, and underwater pursuits.

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