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Hey there! We are Josh and Heyz.

We created this blog out of boredom in the middle of COVID19 pandemic.

As we start this blog, we are reliving our travels both together and individually and think back on why we started travelling in the first place. We both have different reasons but both loved to travel and be free.

Now, we are stuck in India and getting insane of being still and locked down. So, to help us both escape this situation and at the same time help others in their future travels, together we created a very informative website of the country we both love, the Philippines!

Welcome to our blog!!

Who This Blog is For?

Our Story

I (Josh) was travelling solo around South East Asia having visited Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. I had already been in the Philippines for one month, but having loved the country so much I decided to extend for another 30 days. The next island on my plan to visit was Siquijor.

Heyz has also had a fair share of travelling around the world (since she can bring her work anywhere) but she was on hiatus for almost a year building her online empire. She had attended her cousin’s wedding in Bacolod and instead of going home after the event, she randomly (or drunkenly) decided to go to take a long bus and boat ride to her favourite island to relax for a few days, Siquijor.

On a beautiful summer day, while we both happened to be on this beautiful island at the same time, our paths crossed in a backpackers bar called Monkey Business. Heyzie (what I call her) was impressed with my stories of giving everything up to travel.

She told me that she would also love to travel more. I said, half-joking at the time, “why don’t you travel with me?”. Since then, we travelled together throughout my remaining time in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Morocco, Dubai and now India.


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Meet Josh


Hello, I’m Josh. I love beers and football. I’ve now been travelling since January 2019, originally travelling solo before meeting my travel partner in crime Heyzie in Siquijor in June 2019. Travelling is something I had wanted to do for a long time and I decided to go for it! 

Before I started my trip I was a successful IT professional having graduated from university in Leeds and working for 2 companies for over 10 years. Life was good, I was earning good money, enjoyed my job, and loved my life in Leeds.

However, this wasn’t enough for me. As much as I enjoyed my job, the thought of doing it for the rest of my life and never getting the chance to travel properly was starting to depress me.

Did I really want to go to the same office, work with the same people, sit in front of the same computer, do the same commute on the train to Leeds every day?

No! So I decided to sell my house and once that money was in my bank account I quit my job, sold my car, stored all my stuff in various places, and booked a one-way flight to Hong Kong.

Brave or stupid decision? Well, probably a bit of both, but I am proud of myself for doing it. Although at the time, I was terrified. Self-doubt tried to stop me several times. Anxiety crept in.

What if I don’t like it? What if I don’t meet anyone? What if I do meet people and they don’t like me? Is leaving my job the right thing to do? What if I run out of money? Will I be able to get another job?

When I arrived in Hong Kong, I spent the first few nights in a hotel rather than a hostel so that I had my own space. I’m not actually sure if this was a good idea or not. I struggled to sleep for the first week of my trip due to jet lag and the 8 hour time difference from the UK.

With the sleepless nights, it brought on the thoughts and anxieties that I’ve mentioned before. So, maybe the company of other travellers in a hostel would have been a better idea.

Once I had got over the jet lag and had a chance to calm the anxieties, I have never been in any doubt that travelling is the best decision I have ever made. I’m loving it!

For those thinking of travelling solo for the first time, I strongly recommend starting your trip with an organised tour with a company such as Intrepid.

After a few days in Hong Kong, I did a 10-day tour through Vietnam with Intrepid. It was excellent and it completely removes the travel anxieties because everything is organised for you and you are guaranteed to meet people who are also on your tour.

After the tour, you will have gained so much confidence and be ready to travel solo.

If you have any questions about travelling solo for the first time please get in touch!

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Meet Heyz


Kamusta, po! I am Heyz. I love outdoors, travels and embarking into new adventures. You will find me having a lazy afternoon on the beach, hiking, camping or mostly outdoors . Along my adventures, I met Josh in Siquijor. My best travel partner ever.  

Despite the fact that it’s very difficult to be travelling the world with a PH passport (yes, I get rejected with visas and I move on), it is also expensive for me to live in a foreign land than my own. But I am still able to find ways and I have made it to 20 countries and counting since 2016.

Hey, I don’t have a lot of money to afford travelling right away.  Read on and I’ll tell you how I did it.

Going further back, I was once a slave of the corporate rat race. The 9 to 5 jobs. The working by the clock, getting up and dragging myself out of bed to the office even if I didn’t feel like it or even when I was sick. Putting a forced smile on my face even in instances that I was hurting inside. Always missing holidays or special occasions with families back home and being okay with it.

Does this sound like you? I know some of you can relate to this. It wasn’t easy. Bills were chasing me. Even if I complained about the everyday commute, working night shifts (call center days), living from payday to payday, I accepted it all as the norm and lived like this for years. I wasted a few years of my life. And then finally, I found a way out.

In 2015, I quit corporate and work online. I learned skills and spent time mastering them. I built up my experience and grew my client base. I was working like crazy, even taking on 3 full-time jobs at the same time without much sleep. But I love it, I can earn 6x more (6 digit PHP a month) than I used to earn when I was in the corporate. I earned money but I was exhausted.

A year after, for my birthday in 2016, I went for a very quick South East Asia trip with friends, travelling to Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore. All in just a 2-week span. This was the moment that made me realise how I’ve always loved to travel.  And I wanted more than just ticking off countries. I want to travel longer, to live in different countries and experience different cultures around the world.

Years went by so fast.  I juggled between my work and travel like crazy. But at the time I thought this was the only way to do it.

Finally, in 2019 I opened a VA and Web Development agency. Servicing the same clients for years and getting referrals from them. Life is easier and it felt good having to help some Filipinos to get the perks of working online too. Finally, a work and life balance.

Everyday I am thankful for the time and money freedom while I  do things I really love with people that matter to me.

Now, I am doing a new project, this travel blog, with my travel partner Josh.  Thinking of helping my beloved Philippines’ tourism in my own little way, helping our fellow nomads to travel the Philippines with less hassle and aiming to provide more jobs to some Filipinos despite the pandemic. Currently, there are 4 VA’s helping me and Josh to build this PH adventure travel blog. And we all hope you enjoy this!

How about you? We’d love to hear your story too. Hit us a message if you are on the “gathering PH travel inspiration” stage or the planning stage or if you are already on the road. We’ll buy you a beer when we bump into you.  Cheers!

Who's Counting Countries?

While counting countries and fast travelling is not our style, we know some people are curious about our numbers.

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We will dish out exciting weekly contents or reviews that will instantly make you daydream and  book your next Philippine adventures. That’s always the goal. We will help you plan and get everything ready for your trip.

We also love to hear your travel goals, adventures and exchange ideas on how to best enjoy the Philippines.

Be a part of our growing tribe and together we’ll make it happen. Cheers!


Be a part of our growing tribe and together we’ll make your next Philippine trip happen. Cheers!

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