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People wearing colorful costumes while parading on the street, Festival

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Sunset, sky, boats and silhouettes, ocean and sand

Out of 7641 islands of the Philippines, there will be no shortage on where to go and what to do while you’re in this country. From the beautiful tourist spots, …

Beach, ble sky with clouds, trees, white sand, clear blue ocean, huts, coconut trees

It can be a tedious job to research about hotels, hostels or where to stay in the Philippines in general. We got you covered. We’ve put together a guide on …

Foods on top of banana leaves, rice, shrimp, fish, grilled pork, mussels, watermelon, coconut, sauces, vegetables

Food brings the Filipino family together. In this article we dished out the Filipino cuisine’s origin, Philippines food expectations, the best Filipino dish to try, and special food delicacies around …



We are Josh (UK) and Heyz (PH). We are glad you are here. We will be your local guide and show you the hidden gems of the Philippines. We are both travellers who travelled more than 50 countries altogether. Both of us can’t argue how we fell in love with the Philippines fairly easily.

Together, we will be helping you plan your adventures and will give you insider tips in and around the Philippines. You will see two perspectives. One from the local Filipina who travels a lot and loves adventures who is currently working online. And one lad who left his job and life in the UK to find beer and 365 days of summer. We are excited about your next PH adventure and can’t wait for you to fall in love with it too. 
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